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Flip Flops - Summer 3-D Scrapbook Page Embellishments


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Flip Flops Summer Scrapbook Free Pattern
Flip Flops 3-D Embellishments

Free Scrapbook Pattern for Flip Flops - Summer 3-D Scrapbook Page Embellishments

This quick and simple free scrapbook pattern is perfect for summer scrapbooking. Use this free flip flop pattern for beach or vacation scrapbook pages.

To save this pattern to your computer, right click on the image and select "save as." To resize the image, you can copy and paste it onto a word processing document. Right click the image and select "copy." Then, right click on a word processing document and select "paste." The pattern will appear on your document. You can now click on the image in the document to select it. Then, click and drag one corner to resize the flip flops to the appropriate size for your project.

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