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Candy conversation hearts have always been my Mom's favorite confectionary treats. We had candy hearts around the house from the time they first appear in stores in early January through after-Valentine's Day clearance sales. These little candies are therefore the perfect embellishments for my Valentine's Day scrapbook pages. I do not, however, recommend getting out your GlueDots and affixing the little candies right to your pages, instead, we should make them out of cardstock.

To begin, select colors of cardstock that go with the page you are making or are true to conversation heart real-life colors. I chose pastel shades of blue, yellow, orange, purple, pink, and white. Print conversation heart phrases leaving plenty of space around each one as shown here. You can make up your own words or use these suggestions: AMORE, ROMEO, ANGEL, IN THE MOOD, MUCH ADO, HUGS, KISSES, LOVE, GIRL, TIME OUT, YOU ROCK, LET'S DO LUNCH, CUPID, AS IF, LOVE ME TENDER, YOU GO GIRL, I GOT U BABE, EMAIL ME, COOL DUDE, 3 WISHES, EVER AFTER, DREAM, CHARM ME, LOVE U, CLASS ACT, PEN PAL, LOOK GOOD, DIVA, WHAT'S UP, URA QT, SMILE, UR A STAR.

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