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Using Flowers for Scrapbook Page Embellishing - Flowers for Scrapbooking

Flower Techniques, Sketches, and Free Patterns


Flowers are by far one of the most popular scrapbook page embellishments. You can find chipboard flowers, silk flowers, paper flowers, die-cut and punched flowers, and more on scrapbook pages in almost any album. Here you can find inspiration to help you use flowers on your scrapbook layouts. The links below are to articles here on About.com Scrapbooking that contain free flower patterns, free scrapbook page sketches that use flowers, and ideas for embellishing your pages with flowers. Also included below is a special link to a list of articles that are all step-by-step instructions for making your own flowers.

17 Ideas for Embellishing Scrapbook Pages with Flowers

Flowers for Scrapbooking - Embellishment Ideas
Beth Price

This huge gallery contains ideas from About.com readers, Rebecca, and scrapbook manufacturers for embellishing your scrapbook pages with flowers. You will be astonished at all of the different ways that flowers can be used in scrapbooking.

Spring Flowers Scrapbook Pages and a Free Flower Page Sketch

Scrapbook Page Ideas Using Flowers
Shannon Horsch
Spring themed scrapbook pages just seem to be the perfect place to embellish with flowers. These pages all have flowers on them and the gallery also contains two scrapbook page sketches that include flowers.

6 Tips for Designing Scrapbook Pages with Flowers from HOTP

Tips for Scrapbooking with Flowers
Hot Off the Press inspires us in the gallery with 6 hot tips for using flowers on your scrapbook pages. Spring, summer, winter or fall, it does not matter, the fabulous floral look is always in season on scrapbook pages. From borders to backgrounds, beautiful blooms add a broad range of looks to your layouts. Visit this gallery for a few ideas on creative ways to include flowers in your next scrapbook pages.

Fancy Flower Pattern - Creating a Layered Flower

Creating Your Own Flowers Using a Pattern
You can easily make your own paper flowers using free scrapbook flower patterns or paper punches. Here Rebecca will show you step by step how to make your own flower scrapbook page embellishments using one of the many free flower patterns available here on About.com Scrapbooking.

Layered Paper Flowers with Free Pattern

Free Flower Pattern for Scrapbooking
Adornit Carolees Creations created this free flower pattern especially for scrapbooking. Use it to adorn your next Spring themed scrapbook page layout.

7 Free Flower Patterns and Scrapbook Page Sketches

Scrapbook Pages Using Flowers
Flowers are an ever-popular scrapbook page embellishment. In this gallery, I encourage you to look at flowers in a new way, as a graphic design element on your pages. The sketches in this gallery show you ideas for using very large flowers. Of course, these flowers can be printed in many sizes so that you can layer them, cut them out of a variety of materials, and add them to your pages in any size scrapbook.

Vintage Flower Embellishments

Vintage Flowers from Old Book Pages

Learn how to make fabulous, vintage-feel, scrapbook page flowers using inking and old book pages. This article shows you how to make these flowers in a very simple step by step fashion. You can create your own unique, vintage flower embellishments for your next scrapbook page using supplies you most likely already own.

Rounded Corner Squares - Modern Flowers

Rounded Squares for Modern Scrapbook Flowers

Rounded squares is a simple scrapbook technique where two opposite corners of a square of cardstock or patterned paper are rounded to give the "square" an interesting new shape. When you place four of these rounded squares together you get a design that resembles a simple paper flower.

DIY - Make Your Own Ribbon Flowers

DIY Ribbon Flowers

Dig into the your ribbon stash and make these beautiful flowers for your next scrapbook page. Simple, quick stitches and a few supplies are all you need to turn any piece of ribbon into a fabulous flower that you can use to embellish a scrapbook page layout.

DIY - Make Your Own Silk Flowers

DIY Silk Flowers for Scrapbooking

Save money on your favorite hobby by making some of your own scrapbook page embellishments. While shopping at your local craft store, thrift store, or even rummage sale, keep an eye out for great deals of silk flowers that could be used on your scrapbook layouts. The best flowers are ones that look good flat. Daisies in a variety of colors are the perfect choice. Read more in this step by step article.

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