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Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Printer - Review

Wide Format Photo Printing for Scrapbookers

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Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Printer - Review

Manufacturer's Photo of the Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Large Format Photo Printer

I am often asked about printers that will allow scrapbookers to print directly on their 12x12 inch scrapbook pages. In an older "Ask Rebecca" article (Where Can I Find a 12x12 Printer), I addressed the options available at that time. Back then, I was using an Epson Stylus 1270 and loved the ability that it gave me to print journaling directly on my scrapbook page background paper. For photo printing, I have a PictureMate Dash portable stand-alone printer that prints beautiful 4x6 inch and smaller photos. Until now, that has been the only printer that I have used that I would call a "dedicated photo printer." The Epson Stylus Photo R2000 printer combines large format printing (up to 13 inches wide) with professional quality photo printing capabilities to create the ultimate scrapbooking tool.

Set-Up and Ease of Use

The box alone lets you know that the R2000 is going to be a large printer. With the roll paper holder attached on the back, this printer takes up almost 2 feet by 2 feet of table space. Loading the driver software and checking for any updates was a breeze as was plugging the printer in via USB cable from my laptop. This printer also has the ability to print via wireless (802.11) connection so that it can be easily added to your home or office network for remote printing.

Ink Technology and Paper Types

Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Printing on Canvas Roll

Rebecca Ludens
The ink used in the R2000 is a pigment based ink set. The prints are extremely water and scratch resistant and also very archival. The full ink set of eight cartridges includes two different types of black (a matte black, and a glossy black) and a special Gloss Optimizer cartridge. When printing a glossy photo, the gloss optimizer will fill-in over any white spaces in the photo giving you a smooth, glossy look and feel on the finished print. Included in the eight cartridges in this printer are the colors red and orange. The red cartridge uses less ink than printers which mix colors to make a "red." The orange gives you much truer skin tones than a typical CMYK four-color printer. The cartridges may seem a bit pricey if you purchased all eight at one time (MSRP $21.49 each) however, you can easily replace only the ones that are low as needed. The Gloss Optimizer comes two in a pack for the same price as the other colors. These cartridges are 50% larger than in other comparable printers which makes the cost per print lower overall.

The R2000 allows you to print on a wide variety of media including roll paper, roll canvas, art papers, CD's, and even chipboard. Epson has an entire line of professional paper designed to be used with the printer and ink set including the Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster, Cold Press Bright, and Velvet Fine Art papers. I like matte prints for scrapbooking and the Cold Press Bright and Velvet Fine Art papers allowed me to print photos that looked like art. They both have a subtly textured surface which gives the prints a museum quality look and feel. The Cold Press Bright is a bright white, heavy-weight paper that produces prints that are crisp, and incredibly vivid.

Tip: Matching ink and printer manufacturer with paper and media manufacturer will almost always give you the best photo printing results.

Video Tutorials

The Epson website has a library of video tutorials for set-up and use of the R2000 that are very helpful. More videos are being added and by the end of January 2013 there will be a video with instructions for printing from Photoshop. I found the video about loading the fine art paper and also the one on loading the roll paper to be much easier to follow than trying to read the instructions in the manual.

Final Thoughts

Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Variety of Printed Photos and Materials

Rebecca Ludens
Overall, this is just a fabulous printer. The crisp and vivid colors of the prints more than met my expectations. Being able to professionally print everything from family portraits on art quality canvas rolls to 12x12 inch digital scrapbook pages at home is a treasure for any scrapbooker. The cost of the printer from Epson is currently under $500 and there is a manufacturer's rebate of $100, making the final price very reasonable for a dedicated photo printer of this caliber. The ink cartridges have so far lasted a long time with the testing that I have done.

Pro's: Gorgeous prints up to 13 inches wide. Fabulous paper and media selections for a variety of printing. Long-lasting archival prints that are water, fade, and scratch resistant.
Con: Large footprint (although this is to be expected with a "large-format" printer) - needs almost 4 square feet of space.
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