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How to Transfer Your Photos onto Tile to Create Unique Scrapbook Home Decor


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Select Your Photos and Have Them Color Copied onto Tranfer Paper
Copy Photos

Copy Photos

Rebecca Ludens
Transferring your scrapbook pages or family photos onto ceramic, stone, or marble tiles allows you to create gorgeous home decor or precious gifts. To begin, you will need to select your photos and have them digitally color copied onto special transfer paper found in any of the Tilano Fresco Transfer Kits or the Marble Coaster Kit. Ink jet prints will NOT work with this process. The transfer paper is certified safe for color copiers and the kit comes with a certificate that you may need to show at your local copy center. Here you can see the pictures that I chose and also the copy that I had made. You can also use copies of scrapbook pages or digitally editted photos so that you can add text. Be sure to ask the copy center to reverse the image on your copy so that you text or scrapbook page will end up facing the correct way when you make the tranfer. Click next below to move onto the next step of this project.

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