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Cool Tools for Scrapbooking

Ideas for a Scrapbooker's Wish List


Scrapbooking is all about expressing your creativity while preserving photos and memories. Cool tools help you expand on that creativity by making the process more fun and sometimes quicker and easier. The list below has a picture of some of my favorite cool tools plus a link to an article that will show you how to use the tool and/or show you a great paper crafting project idea that you can make with that tool. Start making your Christmas or birthday wish list with this check list of popular tools for scrapbookers. And, once again, don't forget that you can click on any of the small photos in the list to see them full-size.

The Basics - Let's Start at the Beginning

If you are new to scrapbooking, then you may be looking for a list of the basic tools that you will need to begin working on your albums. If I could only have one tool for scrapbooking, it would most likely be my 12 inch paper trimmer (shown in the photo here). That and other tools that you need to get started can be found in this article titled "What You Need to Get Started Scrapbooking."

Epson PictureMate Dash Photo Printer

I couldn't make a list of cool tools for scrapbooking without including this little photo printer. Second to my trimmer, this is on my own personal "must-have" list for scrapbooking. I print my photos as I am ready to scrapbook them, right at my scrapbook table, in the sizes that I want for my layout. I am almost always using some combination of a 4x6 focal point photo and smaller supporting photos and this printer makes that quick and easy.

The Sew Easy and Sew Stamper from We R Memory Keepers

Rebecca Ludens
I love the look of hand-stitching on scrapbook pages and greeting cards. The time it takes to punch the holes and do the stitching, however, can be a little daunting. The Sew Easy makes it super quick to lay down a line of stitching holes on any paper craft project. The Sew Stamper gives your pages the look of stitching with a stamped image.

Inkadinkado Stamping Gear Kit from EK Success

Rebecca Ludens
Stamping is faster and more fun with the new Stamping Gear tools. You can learn how to use this tool in the article listed here. I also have included a greeting card project that uses the tool to decorate patterned cardstock. You can find the card in the article Quick Greeting Card Idea Using Stamping.

The Sew Ribbon from We R Memory Keepers

Rebecca Ludens
Now that you are a pro at stitching on your paper crafting projects, you will want to try "stitching" with ribbon. The Sew Ribbon tool helps you make evenly spaced slots in different designs to allow you to sew ribbon down the length of your page, greeting card, or other project.

Lucky 8 Punch and Mini 8 Punch from We R Memory Keepers

Rebecca Ludens
The Lucky 8 punches and Mini 8 punches turn any square piece of paper into a beautiful die-cut looking design. The Lucky 8 punches have switches to allow you to punch the inside and outside designs separately. You can use the Mini 8 punch to make fabulous tri-fold greeting cards like the one in the article Birthday Card Idea and the Mini 8 Punch.

The i-magicut Ribbon Cutter and Sealer

Ribbon Cutter
One of the frustrating things about using ribbon in crafting is fraying ends. The i-magicut Ribbon Cutter and Sealer cuts and seals the ribbon in seconds.

Die Cut Machines

Rebecca Ludens
Many of you think that your coolest tool for paper crafting and scrapbooking is your die cut machine. There are several different brands and designs of machines out there. This list is reviews by you, the readers, telling me which ones you have and which ones you love.

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