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Games for Scrapbooking Crop Parties


A quick or ongoing game or challenge can inspire creativity when you are scrapbooking for hours and hours. Games can add excitement to the crop or help break someone’s “scrappers block.” These games are all things that can be played without interupting cropping time.

1. Scrapbook Bingo

Each person receives a "bingo card" that contains scrapbook page embellishment and technique ideas. The first person to get four in a row wins a prize. This game is played while you are cropping so it doesn't keep you from getting your page done. Click through to get complete instructions and a huge list of ideas for your bingo cards.

2. Show Me a Photo Crop Party Game

The host of this game simply picks random times to ask for someone to show her a photo on a scrapbook page or in a person’s stash waiting to be scrapped of whatever she calls out. The full instructions contain a list of ideas so that this will be the easiest game that you could play at your next scrapbook crop party.

3. Pass the Hat Crop Game

This super easy crop party game keeps everyone entertained while also inspiring them to get some scrapbook page done. Find a fun or funky hat and you are all set for this game. The complete instructions show you how simple this game is for your next crop party.

4. Supply Baggie Challenge Scrapbook Party Game

Challenge your crop party guests to get creative with this quick little game. The instructions give you ideas for what to include in each baggie of supplies.

5. Sketch Challenge Scrapbook Game

Sketches are a fabulous way to inspire your next layout. However, did you know that you can use them for a crop party game? These instructions contain links to dozens of sketch ideas plus 4 different variations of this challenge.

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