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DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Scrapbook Page Embellishments

Decorate Your Layouts and Christmas Cards with Hand-Made Ornaments


Embellishments for your Christmas themed scrapbook pages and cards do not have to be expensive. Using the Free Christms Tree Ornament patterns here on About.com Scrapbooking, you can make your own hand-made embellishments. Using supplies you may already have on-hand, you can put together adorable decorations in any size. These ornaments can be made into gift tags, chipboard embellishments, Christmas card decorations, or even actual tree decorations. The steps below will show you how to go from the free pattern to a completed scrapbook page embellishment in just minutes and while using a minimum of supplies. Remember that you can click on any of the images to see them full-size and in more detail. The photo will open in a new window so that it is simple for you to return to continue reading the article.

1. Save the Pattern and Choose Patterned Cardstock

Making Christmas Ornament Embellishments
Rebecca Ludens
To get started, you will want to save the 6 Free Christms Tree Ornament patterns to your computer. Also in that article, you will find a free Christmas lights bulb pattern to save for future crafting. To save the patterns to your computer, click on the image to bring up the full-size original image. Then, right click on the full size pattern and select "save as." You can also select "copy" and then paste the image directly on to a word processing document. Once in a word processing document it is easy to resize the pattern as needed to fit on your scrapbook pages or Christmas cards. For the ornaments shown in this tutorial, I enlarged the pattern until the tallest of the three designs was about 3 inches tall.

Once you have saved the patterns and resized them, print a copy on regular office paper.

Select a patterned cardstock that coordinates with the paper that you want to use for your scrapbook page or card. The papers shown here are all from the We R Memory Keepers Yuletide Collection. The names of the papers are: Poinsettia, Snowflake, and Dots. They all have design patterns that are the perfect size for these ornaments.

2. Roughly Cut Out the Pattern Pieces and Adhere to Cardstock

DIY Cardstock Ornaments - Rough Cut
Rebecca Ludens
Roughly cut out the pattern pieces for the ornament shapes that you have chosen and adhere them to the cardstock. If you are not concerned about how the pattern on the paper lines up with the shape of the ornament is is always better to adhere the pattern to the back of the paper. With the adhesive on the back, you do not have any concerns about damaging the front of the paper when you remove the pattern. If you have some on-hand, you may want to use repositionable adhesive. If not, then use just tiny amount of adhesive to adhere the pattern to the paper. Since I wanted to line up the designs on the papers with ornament shapes, I used small amounts of adhesive and adhered the patterns to the front of the cardstock. See the next step for a tip on lining up the paper designs with the ornament patterns.

3. For Exact Placement Use a Light Box or Window

Window Lightbox
Rebecca Ludens
When placing the ornament pattern on top of the patterned paper, you may want to try to line up the design exactly. One way to do this is to use a light box. Light boxes are usually acrylic tables with a light bulb inside of them, they are frequently used for dry embossing. You can place your patterned cardstock on the table and the light shines through bright enough to be seen through both the cardstock and the white copy of the pattern. If you do not have a light box, you can use a window on a sunny day (shown here). Hold the patterned cardstock against the glass and then line the pattern up as you can see the design faintly through the paper.

4. Cut Out Pieces and Carefully Remove the Pattern Pieces

Remove Pattern Carefully
Rebecca Ludens
Once you have attached the pattern pieces to the cardstock, you can then carefully cut out the ornaments. Once all the pieces are cut out, very carefully peel the pattern pieces off of the cardstock trying not to damage the front side of the patterned cardstock. You can throw away the pattern pieces if you will not be using them again.

5. Cut Strip with Decorative Scissors

Using Decorative Scissors
Rebecca Ludens
Two different styles of topper patterns are included with the free ornament patterns. It is very quick and simple, however, to make your own toppers by following these instructions. To begin, use some patterned, scalloped or wavy, scissors to cut a 3/8 inch wide strip off of a sheet of metallic paper as shown here. The scalloped scissors shown here are from the 2 Pc Decorative Scissors set from EK Success.

6. Trim Strip Into Sections

Ornament Topper
Rebecca Ludens
Each topper is a small section of the strip that you cut out in the previous step. Simply trim the strip to the size that you desire for each ornament topper. I chose to have a half of a scallop on each end with one wave in the middle (as shown here).

7. Add Ribbon or Other Embellishments and Mount on Foam Tape

Adding Ribbon to Complete the Ornaments
Rebecca Ludens
Once you add the topper your ornaments are complete. However, if you would like to add texture or more interest to each ornament you can embellish them further with ribbon, glitter, buttons, brads, rubber stamping, etc.

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