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Quick and Easy Christmas Cards


Handmade Christmas cards show that you have put extra care and thought into sending out this greeting. Many of us, however, just don't have time to make our own cards. By following this step by step tutorial, you will be able to make dozens of cards in an afternoon using scrapbooking supplies you have on hand and a free Christmas word art download from About.com Scrapbooking. Remember that you can click on each image below to see it full-size and in greater detail.

1. Download the Free Christmas Word Art

Rebecca Ludens
To get started you may want to download the Free Christmas Word Art to use for your greetings on the Christmas cards. The link takes you to a .zip file that you can save on your computer to use for this and other projects. It contains five free images that are .png files so they will work with your photo editing or Word processing programs. The title link takes you to the Free Christmas Word Art article which explains that images in greater detail and also has the link for downloading the .zip file.

2. Two Free Christmas Card Sketches

2 Free Christmas Card Sketches
Rebecca Ludens
These card sketches are very basic so that you can make the cards quickly but also have plenty of opportunity to customize them as you wish. As you can see, the sketch is designed to work both vertically and horizontally using many of the same size pieces so that the cards go together in seconds. You can find a similar Christmas card sketch in the article Quick Christmas Card with Stitched Velvet Ribbon.

3. Print Multiple Christmas Card Greetings

Christmas Card Greetings
Rebecca Ludens
Once you have downloaded the word art above or created your own, print multiple copies of your favorite greeting. For this card, I printed the greeting so that it would fit easily in the size circle for which I have a circle punch. That way, I was able to punch out many of the titles very quickly. If you do not have a circle punch, you could use a circle cutter to make these shapes efficiently. You could also cut out the shapes and then stamp a greeting on them using your favorite Christmas rubber stamp instead of downloading the word art.

4. Measure Your Envelopes

Christmas Card Step by Step Instructions - Measure Envelopes
Rebecca Ludens
One way to keep card making quick and easy is to make your cards that size needed to fit in store bought envelopes. Your local craft store has a selection of envelope sizes and you should be able to find a standard size that will suit your design. The envelope that I am using is 5 13/16 inches by 4 3/8 inches.

If you want to make your own envelopes, the About.com Guide to Family Crafts has a free 4x6 inch envelope template that you can use.

5. Cut Cardstock Bases for the Cards

Christmas Card Step by Step Instructions - Make Bases
Rebecca Ludens
To keep things simple and make sure that my cards would easily slide in and out of the envelopes, I decided to make the folded cards measure 5 1/2 inches by 4 1/4 inches. Therefore, to cut the card base from pattern cardstock, I need to cut rectangles that were 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches. You can get exactly two of these card bases from a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 inch cardstock. If you are cutting them from 12x12 cardstock, be sure to save your scraps to decorate the cards with in the following steps.

6. Punch and Cut Card Parts

Christmas Card Step by Step Instructions - Measure and Cut Card Parts
Rebecca Ludens
Before I began to assemble my cards I cut out the pieces that I needed and gathered my supplies. Here are the pieces needed:

1) Each card needs one 2 inch circle with the greeting printed or stamped.
2) Each card needs a strip of patterned cardstock that is 1/2 inch wide by the width of the greeting card. For horizontal cards, the width will be 5 1/2 inches, for vertical cards the width will be 4 1/4 inches.
3) Each card needs a piece of coordinating patterned cardstock that will fill that bottom half to third of the card. For horizontal cards, cut these pieces to 2 1/4 inches by 5 1/2 inches. For vertical cards, cut these pieces to 2 3/4 inches by 4 1/4 inches.

7. Fold Card Bases in Half

Rebecca Ludens
Fold all card bases in half and crease firmly. You can decide at this point which ones you want to be horizontal and which will be vertical based on the pattern on the paper or your design preference.

8. Assemble Cards - Horizontally

Rebecca Ludens
Here you can see four cards that are designed horizontally and went together in seconds once the pieces were all cut and ready to be assembled.

Supplies Used: All patterned cardstock from the Saint Nick collection from Fancy Pants Designs 2011, including the papers titled Tinsel, Ho-Ho-Ho, Gleaming, and Joy.

9. Assemble Card - Vertically

Christmas Card Idea
Rebecca Ludens
For this vertical card, I decided to add a few stickers to give it a little more interest. You could also add stamping, rub-on's, decorative mini brads, or chipboard pieces to your card. To see a card that was decorated with stamping be sure to read the article Using the Inkadinkado Stamping Gear for a Stamped Greeting Card.

Supplies Used: All patterned cardstock and cardstock stickers from the Saint Nick collection from Fancy Pants Designs 2011, including the papers titled Tinsel, Ho-Ho-Ho, Gleaming, and Joy.

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