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Grand Calibur or Not So Grand?

Reader Reviews: Die-Cut Machines for Scrapbooking - Readers Review to Help You Sort the Choices

User Rating 2 Star Rating

By Katherine Hayward

Die-Cut Machines for Scrapbooking

Name of product: 

Grand Calibur

Date of purchase: 

March 2011

My Review 

I may be about to commit some dreadful crafting crime by writing that I think that there is something seriously wrong with the Spellbinders Grand Calibur. Unlike the more robust Cuttlebug and Big Shot it doesn't seem built to last or to take a heavy work load.

I will confess now that I make cards samples for a local craft shop and I have therefore worked this machine harder than under normal crafting conditions. That said I feel what I have to say maybe interesting to others in the crafting community.

I LOVED the Calibur, when I first got it, for all the clever things that I could do with it (& not just make BIG cards). I have made a series of handbag cards and various projects that show the versatility of this machine. However, the BIG problem that I have had is that it is a bit sensitive. It really doesn't like to be forced to do thicker things, if you try this the machine usually jams or the plates get stuck in the machine (this caused the demise of machine number 1). Unlike the Cuttlebug or Big Shot you can't "make" it do thicker materials, as it breaks.

Having learned from that mistake the second problem relates to the handle, an all plastic affair, which cracked and snapped off at the junction with the machine, (end of machine 2). The second time that the handle snapped it was at the gripping end, this time a replacement handle was supplied!

Machine 3's demise is more worrying, the internal workings seem to have dropped off and they are rattling around inside the machine. Now the handle is hanging out!

I maybe heavy handed, yet I have NOT broken my Cuttlebug or my Big Shot. I may just have been unlucky. I have had three and don't have one that works. I find this heart breaking.

This is a machine that the crafting market has been crying out for yet it is full of flaws. When this machine cuts as well as it does it seems such a shame that it also seems so delicate.

Cost Vs. Value 

I think that this machine, for all its faults, is too expensive. It would not deal with embossing folders when it was1st lauched and I find it too sensitive for the work that I want to do with it.

Type of Machine 


Cost for Machine Itself 


Cost for New Dies or Cartridges 


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